Pain Management

What is Pain Management?

Multimodal pain management is an aggressive approach to the control or elimination of pain that uses combinations of complementary treatments and therapies.

The origins of pain can be convoluted or concealed, and failure to accurately diagnose and treat pain can lead to chronic or maladaptive pain. Because established pain is more challenging to control and manage, it’s important to identify and control pain early.

We localize and identify an animal’s pain, conduct diagnostic tests to determine its cause, and then address it with an arsenal of approaches that includes pharmaceutical therapies, regenerative stem cell therapy, and physical medicine techniques like therapeutic laser, massage, myofascial trigger point therapy and acupuncture, and veterinary chiropractic care

We can address

  • pre-operative and post-operative pain
  • pain from trauma and injury
  • osteoarthritis
  • hip dysplasia, chronic cranial cruciate ligament injuries, and spondylosis
  • neuropathic pain, intervertebral disk disease, lumbosacral disease and nerve pain
  • internal disease pain
  • pain associated with cancer

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