When Rehabilitation is Appropriate

Whether your pet has had orthopedic surgery or you have opted for a non-surgical approach to a neurological or orthopedic issue, rehabilitation is an appropriate form of treatment.


At one time the prognosis for spinal cord and peripheral nerve injuries was unfavourable, but with recent advances in veterinary neurology and the development of new rehabilitation approaches, excellent results can be achieved. Early intervention is key to a successful outcome.


When a dog or cat has an orthopedic injury it cannot move properly and develops a maladaptive compensatory gait. The resulting restricted or diminished activity and range of motion can cause secondary deficits in musculoskeletal and cardiovascular condition and neuromuscular control. Once the injury is heals or is surgically corrected, rehabilitation is necessary to address these deficits and restore full health and mobility.


Postoperative rehabilitation is necessary after cranial cruciate ligament repairs and other orthopedic surgeries to manage pain and prevent muscle loss and joint dysfunction during the recovery period, and to rebuild strength and coordination and maintain cardiovascular health.

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