Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is both effective and enjoyable for a convalescent pet. After pain is controlled and as recovery progresses, we use first passive, then assisted, then active exercises to preserve range of motion and muscle mass and to gently challenge healing tissues.

Passive range-of-motion exercises maintain or improve joint mobility, improve the flexibility of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and enhance neuromuscular structure and function.

Assisted exercises help animals learn to move and place their limbs correctly again, and improve weight shifting, muscle contraction, and balance. Assisted exercises include

  • assisted standing
  • weight-shifting
  • weight-shifting on balance equipment

Active exercises help animals regain strength and function and build muscle mass. They include

  • gradually lengthening leash walks
  • treadmill therapy (available off-site)
  • climbing inclines and stairs
  • sit-stand transitions
  • pace-controlling rails
  • pole weaving
  • wheelbarrowing
  • dancing

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