Assistive Devices

Wheelchairs, harnesses and supports

Quality of life is essential for injured and disabled pets. Assistive devices like wheelchairs, support slings, and Toe Grips can restore mobility and the ability to play. 

Options include

  • Wheelchairs and Carts
    We’ll take careful measurements, ensure perfect fitting, and make sure your pet is happy and moving comfortably from the first time they step into their new wheels. Generic devices are available, but every dog is different and we find that custom fitting gives the best results. 
  • Toe Grips
    These simple bands give insecure movers traction and confidence on slippery floors.
  • Help-em-up Harness
    This ingenious harness gives lets you give your pet extra support.
  • pawz booties
    Unlike padded booties that encase the foot, pawz allow your pet to retain the familiar and comforting feeling of the ground under their feet.
  • Custom Supports/Splints
    A wide variety of supports can be made to measure to support your pet’s recovery from sprains and other injuries.

All of these products can be either purchased or ordered from the Centre.

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